Keloid/Non-Keloid Growth and Sebaceous Cyst Care

Keloid: Are formatious of scar tissue that grow because the body over defends itself as a result of
trauma or surgical incisions. They are generally non-painful and contain no substance inside (they do not
leak, pus, or bleed). Keloids can be treated with tea tree oil and other measures. Medical treatment or
surgery are also measures to get rid of keloids.

Non-Keloid growth: If it hurts, seeps, oozes, pus, or bleeds it is not a keloid.

Sebaceous cyst: A closed sac of cheese-like or oily material.

Things You'll Need:

-Liquid Antimicrobial soap
-Liquid Anti-Bacterial soap
-Non-iodized Sea Salt
-Shot glass or medicine cup
-Tea Tree Oil
-Cotton balls
-Distilled or bottled water

Step 1.Wash hands with anti-bacterial soap or anti-microbial soap.

Step 2.Use only anti-microbial soap on the infected area.

Step 3.Apply a warm compress on the infected area for 5 minutes. The heat will soften the area,
allowing treatment and easier passage into the body.

Step 4.Mix 1/8 of Non-iodized sea salt with warm water and tea tree oil and soak on area for 5 minutes.
The warm water will again allow the skin to absorb treatment. This should be done daily until positive
results are seen. For more troublesome areas, contacting a physician is advised. Any allergic reaction to
Tea Tree Oil should be discontinued and followed up with doctor.