Micro dermal aftercare

* Now that you have a micro-dermal, you will need to follow a few key instructions
* to ensure that your dermal heal properly. Always wash your hands with

    Anti-Bacterial Soap.
(fragrance free)
* before handling your dermal. For daily cleaning, use
    Anti-Bacterial Soap.
(fragrance free) on your clean fingertips
* and massage around the dermal. Refrain from using loofas or wash clothes so you don't snag your dermal! For the next 1 and half weeks,
. * you will wear a circular Band-Aid on the dermal 24 hrs a day. You will change it once every 24 hr. period and do sea salts soak for no less
* than 5 minutes. This consists of 1/8 teaspoon of non-iodized sea salt and 4 oz of distilled water. Tap water should be boiled, and then cooled to luke warm
* for usage. After the sea salt soak, rinse with water and then allow skin to dry for at least a half hour. This will allow the Band-Aid to adhere
* to your skin properly. After the first week and a half, you should only wear the Band-Aid at bedtime for a month. This step will allow the dermal
* anchor to harden under the skin properly. Try to eliminate stringy bedtime quilts, hair or anything that could attach around the dermal and rip it out.

* Long term doing sea salt soaks at least 3x a week will break up any dirt/makeup etc... build up under the dermal head.
* If you have any concerns about your dermal, please contact
    Chi-Town Tattoo
immediately. The longer you wait,
* the worst the problem could get. Do not try to fix or try anything yourself! As long as you are careful and follow our cleaning instructions
* you should have no problems with your dermal. If infected call your doctor.