Your Birthday must be on or before this date/year 2000.
Piercings come with standard jewelry.
Male genital $120
Female genital $120
Industrial $60
Venom Bite $80
Web $60
Gauge Punch $60
Vertical Labret $60
Vertical Bridge $60
Snake Eye $70
Micro Dermal $60
Surface piercing $60
Surface Tragus $60
Orbital $60
Conch $40
Scoop $80
Anti Brow $60
Navel $40
Tragus $40
Helix $40
Cartilage $40
Eyebrow $40
Medusa $50
Labret $50
Smiley/frowny $60
Monroe $40
Rook $50
Daith $50
Snug $50
Lip $40
Nose $40
Septum $40
Bridge $60
Tongue $50
Daliah $40
Stretching $30
Nipple $40each
Ear Lobe $30each
Gauging $30each
Dermal removal $50each
Angel Bite $80

We do custom piercing projects.
Please consult with one of our piercers.
Jewelry Upgrade $10/All piercings come with standard jewelry.
$10 for jewelry change - No outside jewelry.

  • Our aim is to avoid the stereotypical tattoo 'shop' and create a warm and inviting
  • environment to help add to your Chitown Tattoo and Body Piercing
  • experience. With competitive prices and professional artists in the
  • field of tattooing and body piercing you will receive a knowledgable and curteous staff
  • with many years of experience. Our staff will guide you to achieve
  • your goal of getting your tattoo or body piercing at our state of the art shop.
  • At Chitown Tattoo and Body Piercing you will receive the highest quality
  • work at a reasonable price.
  • You will experience a clean and sterile State of Illinois complient facility.
  • We have the highest quality jewelry for all your body piercings.
  • Everything we use is single use and disposable for tattooing and body piercing.
  • We have plenty of free parking in our parking lot located in the back
  • and/or on a side of the building.

Requirement For Minor Piercings

Without exception, the parent or legal guardian
Must be present with the minor to sign all release forms.
Each party must have a valid government photo ID.
A valid ID is a drivers license, passport, state issued ID, or military ID, valid school photo ID.
ID and birth certificate with state seal are acceptable for minors younger than driving age.

Photocopies of any ID are not acceptable.
If the parents last name are different from minors,
There must be legal documentation to prove the relationship
Such as birth certificate, divorce papers, adoption papers, etc.
Court papers are required to prove a relationship with a legal guardian.
We will pierce the face, ears and navel only on
Individuals between 13 - 17 years of age.
We will not pierce any genitals on any minor
under the legal age of 18.

Requirements For Tattoo

We do not tattoo minors. You must be 18 years of age in the State of Illinois to get tattooed.

Tattoo prices starting from $50 and up. Tattoo hourly rate is $150 an hour.
This pricing is usually based on sleeves and back pieces etc...
Setting up a free consultation with an artist of your choice is recommended.
A $50 deposit is required for any custom drawing which will be credited to the price of the tattoo.