Moses - Tattoo Artist

My name is Moses. I’ve been drawing for over 30 years and as cliché as it sounds, art has always been my passion. Art has been my solace and peace, and has been very therapeutic for me throughout my life. My friends and family have always encouraged me when it comes to art, and many people have suggested becoming a tattoo artist when they’ve seen my art work over the years. However, I was always hesitant to take that leap.

It took a while to get here, but as they say, third time’s the charm and here I am a Tattoo Artist. While Chi Town Tattoo and Body Piercing has prepared me to be well rounded as tattoo artists, my favorite is black and grey shading, and working on subjects related to comic books and/or anime pieces. Please feel free to check out my work on the Chi Town Tattoo website, and contact me at or  the shops #773-283-8696.