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Tooth Gem Aftercare

1. Do not pick or play with your new tooth gem.                              

2. No eating or drinking anything other than water for the first 2 hours.

3. Soft food for first 12 hours only. Avoid candies or hard food.

4. Avoid alcohol for first 12 hours,

5. Do not brush directly over tooth gem for first 12 hours. 

6. Do not use electric toothbrush for first 48 hours.

7. Brush gently over the tooth gem at all times to avoid any damage.

8. Tooth gems are 100% reversible and should only be removed by a dental professional.       

If you have any questions please call the shop at 773-283-8696. Thank you.

Chi-Town Tattoo
Appying Tooth Gem

1. Tooth gems may only be applied to a real and healthy tooth.

2. First step in applying a tooth gem will be proper cleaning and prepping of the tooth.

3. A bonding agent will be applied to the tooth area where gem will be placed. 

4. The client will verify that the gem placement is correct.

5. The client and artist will wear UVA protective eyewear when the artist is using a special UVA lamp that will cure the bonding agent. 

6. The client must follow aftercare instructions to assure the tooth gem will stay in place and be long lasting.

7. The curing process for the bonding agent will take between 48-72 hours.


           Shop Standards     

                                                         Our commitment to the higher standard in safety and sterility is our number one priority. Our artist will provide you with proper aftercare instructions to ensure best results. Our artists are a call away to help with any questions or concerns 773-283-8696.   


Alexiz Gonzalez
Alexiz Gonzalez
Brenton is my go to for all my piercing needs! whether that be getting a new one, or changing jewelry, he’s the man for the job! the front desk staff is also very sweet and helpful 🙂
Great place to get piercings. Felt like I was in their waiting area and filling out their customer background forms for longer than the actual consultation/cleaning/piercing. If you can, get your piercings done by Damon. They quadruple checked the precise ear location I wanted mine done on and helped map out where I can expect I want future ear piercing locations. In and out with spot on cleanliness, can't ask for more.
Megan Memery
Megan Memery
I've used both the tattoo side and piercing side and every time I come here I have such an amazing time. Claire is so unbelievably talented and just a joy to talk to. Hands down an experienced artist. I got a cover-up from her and I can't even see my old tattoo anymore. Her music taste is also impeccable which is a plus. Naiya is such a professional piercer. Answered any and all questions and put my friend and I at ease. She was fast and thorough, and took extra time to make sure we were okay. Can't wait to come back!
Amber Mack
Amber Mack
Always a pleasant experience here! I live in LA but always come back to Chicago for all of my piercings and tats. Tat Cave is my true go-to! Love them!
Jacqueline Rodriguez
Jacqueline Rodriguez
I went in as a walk-in on a Saturday afternoon and had Moses do a hip tattoo which came out sooo good that I returned that following Monday to do the other hip! Moses is friendly, great with communication and extremely talented. He makes sure to make you feel comfortable and always professional. Thank you!
Adam K
Adam K
I spent a while looking for a good tattoo place when I moved to Chicago, and Chi Town was everything I was looking for! I've so far had my ears pierced, and I've gotten a back tattoo from Mandy, who I highly recommend! She was always easy to get ahold of and was very open to working with me on my tattoo design. This is definitely my go-to place for body art!

Why Chi-Town Tattoo & Piercing?

Chi Town Tattoo has been deeply rooted in the soul of Chicago for over a decade. We are devoted to quality, excellence, and dependability. We aim to offer affordability and work within our clients’ budgets to bring this unique art form to everyone in Chicago.

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We recommend setting up a free consultation with an artist of your choice.

Tattoo prices start from $80, with our hourly rate at $150 per hour.

Chitown Tattoo clients are eligible to get one free touch up within 3  months of the initial tattoo.


Tattoo Design & Consultation

We recommend setting up a free consultation with an artist of your choice.

A $50 deposit for small tattoos and $150 for bigger tattoos is required for any custom drawing and is credited to the tattoo price.


Cosmetic Tattooing

Cosmetic tattooing prices are in the $50-$450 range. 

Our professional and friendly cosmetic tattoo artists will be happy to consult you!

Body Piercing

Piercing prices range from $30 to about $120. 

We walk you through your aftercare procedures and also do custom piercing projects!

Minor piercings start from 13 – 17 years of age with parent or legal guardian consent.


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At Chi-Town Tattoo & Body Piercing, every client is treated with respect and individuality. We respect everyone's opinions and listen to all to meet your needs, going out of our way to meet expectations and beyond.

You are welcome!